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The International Youth parliament is inviting you to a scheduled African youth Zoom meeting, to mark International Day, 2021. Topic: The Participation Of IYP And Young Leaders In The Fight Against Hunger And Malnutrition In Africa Time: Aug 12, 2021 04:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time
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Partnership with Future Leaders Model United Nations

The International Youth Parliament in partnership with Future Leaders Model United Nations, will be hosting the biggest United Nations Simulation conference in Instanbul Turkey with over 600 participants from over 80 Nationalities around the Globe. Kindly register through our official website to be among the delegates for the 13th – 16th August, 2021 conference […]
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Another milestone worth celebrating!

Miss Vjosa R. Osmani (38) has been elected as #Kosovo’s new President. Congratulations to #Kosovo! Congratulations Madam President! #WomenMustLead #GenerationEquality #CSW65 #JoinTheInternationalYouthParliament # #
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SUBJECT: HON ENGR PROMISE NWADIGOS WISHES ALL WOMEN IN THE CONTINENT AND ACROSS THE WORLD SUCCESSFUL INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATION As our formidable women in the continent and across the world celebrate the 2021 edition of international women’s day, the President, International Youth Parliament IYP Hon. Engr Promise Nwadigos, has wished them a successful outing. […]
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Global Team in partnership

Yes, we believe in the future and we believe our collective efforts can shape the future we want for ourselves, our children and children’s children. Watch out for the report of this historic event as the Global Team in partnership with the International Youth parliament submits the report to the UN Deputy Secretary General
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Congratulations Africa. While Europe is disintegrating with Brexit going effective today, Africa is coming together through AfCFTA. More good things are coming to this continent of hope.
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My New Year Message To the African Youth

IYP PRESIDENT MEDIA PRESS RELEASE.. My New Year Message To the African Youth Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 31 December, 2020: My dear fellow young Africans, As 2020 comes to an end and 2021 beckons, on behalf of my family, IYP Governing Board Members and the Entire IYP Excutives and members of the International Youth parliament globally, […]
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Promoting The Rights of Children

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Happy Youth Day

As IYP continues to aim to become a leadership hub in Africa and the world, that seeks to create nations where young people take the lead. We wish each and every young person a happy Youth Day. The era has come for young people to come together and begin to address and actively engage the […]
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IYP PRESIDENT MEDIA PRESS RELEASE.. My Message To the African Youth On The 21st Anniversary Of International Youth Day, 2020. Abuja, Nigeria, 12 August, 2020: My dear fellow young Africans, On behalf of the Executive Board members, partners and members of the International Youth parliament, I wish to facilitate with the youth across the globe […]
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