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Promise Nwadigos In A Breakfast Roundtable Tells Nigerian Young Leaders To Create Platforms For Icpd30 Program Of Actions Awareness In Their Communities

The International Youth Parliament president His Excellency, Hon (Engr) Promise Anurika Nwadigos @25 Nigerian Democracy day celebration in his country demand the establishment of comprehensive sexuality education Innovation Hubs for quality education, Greater Investment in Digital Entrepreneurship, and the Collective Enhancement of Regional ICPD30 through Technology
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Achievements of ICPD30

Love to see the powerful & vibrant voices of youth echoing throughout the globe on the achievements of ICPD30 and, more importantly, in our continent, advocating for transformative youth-led initiatives that are generating positive impact around the world ✊ A new generation's vision for the future.
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According to Hon.(Engr) Promise Nwadigos from Nigeria & President International Youth Parliament, one of the best ways to promote transparency and accountability is to communicate openly and frequently with your constituent, community leaders, and stakeholders. Share your parliamentry vision, mission, values, and objectives, and explain how they align with the constituency project implementation.
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Parliamentarians across the world meet in Oslo

As parliamentarians across the world meet in Oslo for the International Parliamentarians conference on the implementation of the ICPD programme; His Excellency, Hon. (Engr) Promise Anurika Nwadigos, President International Youth Parliament (IYP) will join over 200 Fellow Parliamentarians in Oslo for
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(IYP)‐ present Statement Congratulating Bassirou Diomaye Faye as the newly elected president of Senegal April 3rd, 2024.

The Governing Council of the International Youth Parliament and i congratulate Bassirou Diomaye Faye on his election as the newly elected president of Senegal. And, I send warm wishes to the Senegalese people, most especially the youth who have demonstrated their rightful strength to vote—and have that vote counted—remains democracy's threshold liberty.
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The world youth festival

The world youth festival which is the biggest gathering of young people from around the world is currently taking place in the Russian city of Sochi where young leaders in various fields such as politics, economic,
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