About Us

About us

About Us.

The International Youth parliament (IYP) is an Independent global network founded by young World Leaders to foster synergy amongst the youths and Youth organisations globally.Built on universally acceptable practices, its membership is open to all and sundary without gender, racial, religious and political bias.

Officially inaugurated on Feb, 2017 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the parliament is determined and committed to providing leveled platforms for Young leaders and Youth organizations to build capacity, share and project innovations with renewed energy.

In furtherance of the Goals of international organizations like the United Nations, African Union, etc, we have positioned ourselves as vanguards in the pursuit of Global peace, Justice, Entrepreneurship, Quality Health and Education , Community Development, Corruption Free society, etc.

Headquarters: Ethiopia; Addis Ababa Countries where the IYP works in: country chapters in 32 Countries Number of Members: More than 3500 members


promote co-operation in uniting the African young leadership among  the intellectuals and formidable youths for growth, purpose and development of Africans in producing enthusiasm, honesty and faire play in today’s democracy.

Membership of this parliament is censored across the World irrespective of your tribes, religions, and political ideologies, in arriving at a new nation that glories in the youthful strength in taking lead of the African leadership as pillars for long lasting developmental goals.

  • To create nations where youths take the lead
  • To establish youths as pillars for long lasting national growth and Development
  • To support and empower young business owners in delivering to the grassroots of every country’s communities and contribute to the Young global leadership performance initiatives programmes.
  • To activate young people to contribute towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDG) and Agenda 2030.
  • To promote the involvement  of young leaders as key partners in the implementation of the Africa 2063 Agenda as well the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable development and support implementation of the  African Youth Charter through a network of locally base young Actors.

Theory of Change : While Africa is a continent with historically rich resources and politically oriented, it still suffers from gerontocracy and leadership balance. African youths have always been very visible and vocal in the pursuit of political change but have failed to integrate into politics that currently dominate in the continent.

The International Youth Parliament is committed to ensuring that young people take the lead and are included in decision making processes. The IYP Youth services assist young people to create spaces where they can engage and help come up with solutions that will bring political change in their communities and to assist them in participating in decision making processes through providing mentoring, school support, providing leadership courses and supporting their political campaigns. The success of these services is dependent on the active participation of youths in their countries.