The International Youth Parliament celebrates 5 years of existence.
‘Creating Nation Where Young People Lead’ has been and still is the core mandate of the  International Youth Parliament. As the Parliament celebrates 5 years of its existence, we look back and reflect on the contribution made by Africans in ensuring that the IYP continues to be a voice of young people in Africa. Throughout its existence, the IYP has contributed significantly to the political and leadership development of the continent of Africa. Among other things, we have seen our movement and clarion call- #NotTooYoungToLead being welcomed by the continent and different governments in a number of countries heeding the call for meaningful inclusion of young people in Leadership, political and decision-making roles.
The International Youth Parliament now exists in 45 countries in Africa and this is all because of the strong collaborations and partnerships we have with African leaders. Both young and old.
In celebrating its 5 year anniversary, the IYP would like to honor different African leaders who have contributed in ensuring that governance in Africa is collaborative, inclusive and democratic. Stay tuned for updates on how the IYP will honor African leaders who have contributed to inclusive governance in the continent
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