My Message To the African Youth On The 21st Anniversary Of International Youth Day, 2020.

Abuja, Nigeria, 12 August, 2020:

My dear fellow young Africans,
On behalf of the Executive Board members, partners and members of the International Youth parliament, I wish to facilitate with the youth across the globe on the 21st Anniversary celebration.

I celebrate the African youth in particular for their formidable commitment and perseverance towards the economic development of the continent.
The theme of this year’s celebration ” Youth Engagement for Global Action ” gives a critical insight of what the world perceives about the stake of young people in the continent and globally.

This global insight which has been the parliament major challenges of youth in governance is the most pressing matters due to various factors including the demographic fact that the continent is mostly inhibited by young people, 60 percent of the African population is below the age of 25, informed the parliament decision of creating Nations where young people take the lead as the 2020 – 2025 agenda; a project that will committedly keep the youth on the right track for continuous future benefit globally.

In this era of COVID-19 when the entire world is faced with this plague, the African leaders are still yet to be honest with the fact that Youth have a responsibility to guard against the virus spread with their medical technology.

Truth be said, the survival of the continent economy and humanity in general largely rests on the shoulders of the youths, as vigour is required to wear this plague. The lack of most African leaders today, has continued to weaken the spirit of youths in bringing to an end the socio- economic survival of the continent, and its rejuvenation, post COVID-19.

As leaders of today, and tomorrow, I urge you all to focus on the positive; preach and practice honesty; demonstrate patriotism with peace at all times; rid yourselves of religious extremism and promote competence above all forms of sentiments.

Only then can we truly have the world of our dream.

I am convinced that the IYP ongoing entrepreneurship programs and youth empowerment activities going on in the continent and globally; present more hope that our youth will become the world best in the near Future.

Despite the pandemic, the International Youth parliament has introduced projects the will finally get young entrepreneurs financially stable Instead of being unfairly tagged as conflict and voilence perpetuators.

We have moved with the vision, the vision of a continent that is beacon of hope for the African community Race and the world at large, what we lack and what 2021 can provide, is IYP leadership that has being translating that vision into reality.

Now is time to try young people with economic plan and true patriotism. Therefore, the issue of youth participation and youth representation will be scale up with speed during our forthcoming African Youth summit holding in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritania, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria and Canada.

Don’t lose heart and hope. Youth are no stranger to overcoming difficulties.
fact, we have an uncanny ability to perform our best when the worst is
That resilience is domiciled in our continent psyche and together we shall win forever.
We shall win over forces of disunity. We shall win over forces of unemployment, marginalization and Reformation

But more importantly, in 2021, Africans needs to know that IYP has made it possible to have youth leadership center in catering the needs of all young people and organizations. Our leadership is bold but not domineering. Our leadership is intelligent, but not arrogant.

Once again, I say Happy 21st Anniversary Of International Youth Day 2020.

His Excellency,
Hon. (Engr) Promise Anurika Nwadigos – President International Youth Parliament Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

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