Okigwe Political Stakeholders

Okigwe Political Stakeholders Not Worthy Of Emulation, Worst Than Coronavirus And Don’t Believe In Capacity Building – Nwadigos

February 29, 2020

The president International Youth Parliament Addis Ababa,Ethiopia and the group MD Digos Group Of Companies, Hon. Engr. Promise Anurika Nwadigos, has said the okigwe political Stakeholders are not Worthy of Emulation, Unproductive, full of deceit and has nothing to offer to the youth and are only good with big names without nothing to show for it.

This was contained in a statement he signed in Abuja on Saturday and made available to the Press.

“Okigwe zonal political Stakeholders are worst than coronavirus who keep infecting hatred among the Youth in the name of politics and are always threatened when they see young great minds aspiring to be great. Their promises are never met and they have no regards for human life. They are oblivion of the gains of goodwill not to talk of integrity. Politics has turned them to general merchandise because they lack human feelings. They seem not to understand what human capacity building means. To them politics has turned as a means to acquire wealth through fraudulent and dishonest means,” Nwadigos said.

He said unless our politicians take human development seriously, they will never be respected by the youth and will always be seen as leaders without reputation and not worthy of emulation by the okigwe youths and we would continue to remind them of their duties until they begin to discharge their leadership roles appropriately. Nwadigos added that their refusal to adjust their ways might eventually result to public condemnation and humiliation by the people of the zone.

“The fight for human development has not made any impact on our youth and that is why our politicians are still fighting and killing themselves for zonal leadership. If the okigwe youth will channel their energy in fighting bad leaders with the same strength they use in thuggery, perhaps it will serve as a deterrent to these dirty politicians. This will eventually speed up development in the zone and reduce the madness for undemocratic behaviours ,” he said.

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