Promise Nwadigos Delivers New Years’ Message, Says IYP’ Best Days Are Still Ahead

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“After years that have tested our leadership in unimaginable ways, we’ve seen how young people from all walks of life who are members of the International Youth Parliament have stepped up to create change to make things better on the continent.” “Today we are ushering in 2024 with optimism for what’s to come and a belief that our best days are still ahead.

“The challenges we face as young Africans will not disappear overnight, but as we look forward to the start of a new year, I’m filled with fresh hope about the possibilities of better days to come.” “I believe it is time for the African leaders to tell themselves the truth and be good leaders; let them unite, heal, and rebuild our continent in 2024.”

2023 has seen multiple coup d’etats, conflict, and increased influence in investment and infrastructure from countries like China and Russia. On the side of the youth: Social Exclusion and Discrimination due to Ethnic Sentiments. The gender or sexual orientation that many young people are beginning to face culminating in discrimination, undermines their self-esteem making it more difficult for them to tackle the challenges they face.
Lack of political participation and representation in decision – making spaces is also a major obstacle in most African countries for their youth.

An active participation of African youth in the issues that matter to them will make the communities they dream of more inclusive and participatory, helping to build a better future and for the generations that come after.

On the African leadership attitude — a wise and honest Government, which has the ability to restrain their youth from injuring one another, provide good policies that will leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and must not take from the mouth of labor “the bread it has earned.”

But in Africa the reverse is the case. It has always been difficult for workers to get paid on time or possibly owed for months without minding. One would then wonder; How did our leaders become this extremely wicked to the people they are given to govern? As the year comes to an end, there is need for more collaboration between IYP and all countries in order to move Africa forward. Our leadership remains steadfast in their commitment to fostering integration and development across Africa.

I encourage the legislative bodies in the continent to raise and champion Climate Change initiatives, wielding the power of legislative processes and policies. Such endeavours, I posit, would fortify the continent against the uncertainties of climate change.

Following the AfCFTA agreement aimed at providing broader and deeper economic integration across the continent as well as attract investment, boost trade, provide better jobs, reduce poverty and increase shared prosperity in Africa, if this is what it truly means; there should be total cooperation across African countries for the facilitation of visa-free entry for all African citizens travelling within Africa. Furthermore, a United Single African currency for all it’s citizens, must be looked into for proper consideration. IYP is extending a diplomatic invitation for robust engagement on matters of technology incubation, diplomacy, and trade, envisioning a harmonious progression of the continent.

I urge young parliamentarians to align themselves with the IYP 2024 Technology Incubation Project. This alignment would facilitate the hitherto hindered movement of young people, goods, and services, thereby fostering wealth creation in the continent. In a revelation of positive development, it is noteworthy that IYP Technology Incubation project is poised to start skill training among youth across Africa. This strategic project is anticipated to create innovative solutions that empower our communities and transform seamless conduits for self development.
Furthermore, I extend an invitation to the members of youth organisations, the National Assembly across Africa, to collaborate with IYP. This collaborations and Parliamentary Friendship will directly foster engagements in promoting free trade, unrestricted movement of people, and free exchange of goods and services within the continent.

As we the young Africans say goodbye to an undoubtedly turbulent 2023, I encourage every youth to get involved in politics, get engaged and stand up against bad leaders that have kept our continent backwards instead of moving forward.

While the year evidenced huge political dictators employing brutal antics mostly on young leaders who ran for political positions in different African countries coupled with violence, terrorism and the fight to silence the voices of young leaders, the unrelenting spirit of kindness borne by our youths, prevailed and ordinary people found ways to make a difference.

May God bless Africa
May God bless IYP
May God bless Us All

Happy New Year

Asante SANA

His Excellency, Hon (Engr) Promise Anurika Nwadigos- President International Youth Parliament /E-mail:

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