UN’s International Youth Month

In commemoration of the UN’s International Youth Month, The International Youth Parliament would like to commend and pay tribute to Nisreen Eslaim from Sudan ?? for her relentless efforts in transforming and improving the environment in Africa.

Recently chosen as UN Secretary General youth adviser on climate change along with 6 other young climate activists;
Nisreen Elsaim , Sudan ??- is an environmental and climate activist; with over 7 years in the environmental activism space.

She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Khartoum, Sudan, then pursued her master’s degree in renewable energy from the same University.

General coordinator for Youth and Environment – Sudan (YES) a platform where she gives young environmentalists networking skills.  Ms. Elsaim currently Chairs a youth-led organization in Sudan called- Youth Organization on Climate Change (SYOCC).

As part of many regional and international platforms Nisreen led and mentored many young people in YOUNGO, PACJA and Abu Dhabi. Nisreen is also a junior negotiator with the African Group of Negotiators in technology transfer, focusing on different country policies regarding climate change and renewable energies.

She has written several policy papers in climate change, renewable energy, gender and youth empowerment.

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