Raising influential leaders

Raising influential leaders to deploy full youthful potentials without compromising. A country where the

youths will access leadership and its abundant resources and are able to develop new Africa through job creations, innovations and harmonization of potentials with great opportunities under a new economic sustainable environment.

An integrated region where the parliamentarian members enjoys free visa movement to all the African countries, has access to international world and quality free education, health systems, engage in countries policies and agenda, economic and commercial activities and live in dignity, in an environment of peace and security.

Young leaders governed in accordance with the principles of democratic modesty, the rule of law and good governance.

Youth Development

The Directorate will contribute to the strategic leadership mandate of the parliamentarians in ensuring that the full potentials of the African youths Is harnessed for the socio economic development of Africans. Hosting of the parliamentarian youth forum inauguration of the IYP youth leadership volunteer scheme.

Youth Development

  • Implementation of common policies in youths development and the taking over of African leadership
  • Consolidation of peace, democracy and the promotion of good governance
  • Creation of a single monetary zone under the monetary cooperation
  • Establishment of young African investment free trade zone
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